Who needs Screen Calibration?

Photographer, Designer

Why calibriation?

No matter how hard you work on your photographys, or designs. When it’s printing them or showing them off online, if you’ve been processing your images with an uncalibrated screen, then it’s likely other people are seeing them very differently to you. Without calibration, you cannot process your photos properly and the true look to an image could be very different to how you see it on your screen.

You definitely shouldn’t expect your screen to be calibrated by default, and in fact the changes that are made through proper calibration can be quite drastic. I’ve heard a rumour that Apple Macs come with perfectly calibrated screens – this isn’t true either. Any screen’s calibration will change overtime, so calibrating it is something that should be repeated regularly.

What kind of screen can be calibrated?

Every screen can be calibrated.

Modern screens with function to adjust RGB channels will gain more acurate colors after calibration.

Old LCD screens will have poor brightness and are not suggested to calibrate.

How do we calibrate and charge?

Screen calibration should be performanced with the computer, under the working light condition. This means we have to do it on-site.

Price: CAD $80/screen. Travel fee may apply to locations outside of Moose Jaw.

Please call us (306)580-2327 to book.